Friday, January 01, 2010

The After

Mom this last picture is for you. This little orange dish has been in my Mom's house as long as I can remember. Now it is in my house. One big difference is she kept it in her Dining Room and now it's in my Master Bathroom.

I got the idea for this project from . Her blog is great. This was our first project and it was a lot of work. We almost took everything down because we didn't think it looked right. In the end we fell in love and may become molding junkies.


Melonie said...

WOW! This turned out awesome!! Ok send Tom over I need some molding now too:)

Beth in NC said...

That looks great Bobbi!!! Want to come over here next? hee hee

I love your little orange dish!

The_Exquisite_Christine said...

Gorgeous. I want some. And that color grows on ya, doesn't it?

Happy New Year. :D