Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Happy Belated Heart Day!

Better late than never right??? Valentines Day was very busy with I think 3 trips to the dump. I had told the girls we would do a Tea Party. We didn't get to dress all fancy but we did have the party. The bottom picture of from our breakfast that morning. About 2 months ago we started doing a BIG breakfast on Saturday mornings. Of couse no pics of me. I had just made 3 trips to the dump and cooked for this tea.


Melonie said...

MMMmmm...everything looks yummy. I hope everything is going smoothly for you! Miss you bunches.

Anonymous said...

You guys are so cute and you are just a little miss martha!!

Beth in NC said...

How sweet is this?!?!?! You should have been in the pictures too Mom!

Oh, and the Amish guy (lol). We are actually very good friends with some Amish families in Lancaster, Pa. This particular guy was a stranger. Oh my.