Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just A Little Christmas

Thomas said I could do a quick test post. Here is a shot of the tree. I just noticed the stockings are not hung with care but on the floor. I guess Santa had already filled them when I took this picture.

This was how we set the table for Christmas. I had no matching dishes and that called for some shopping. Thomas thought my everyday dishes were fine and my thought was no. They are cute dishes with blue and pink yet not what I wanted for Christmas and I also only had 7 since I broke one on our anniversary (oops). I had been wanting white dishes for the last few years. We were out shopping one day at a second hand store and I came across a stack of 12 white plates at 99 cents a plate. Now I have beautiful white plates with the white raised fruit trim. My Mom also made me some napkins from some material I had picked. Then the next issue was glasses. I again didn't have enough for everyone. I found some glasses and the gold chargers at Walmart. Anybody want to come over for dinner?


Melonie said...

Everything looks beautiful Bobbi! And yes! I TOTALLY want to come for dinner:) Miss you all and hope you had a wonderful holiday.

Beth in NC said...

Awwwwwwww, what a beautiful table you set! It looked great and I can't BELIEVE all of the presents in your floor. My goodness! lol

It looks like you had a great Christmas.

Happy New Year Bobbi!