Thursday, June 05, 2008

Happy Birthday Sydney

Sydney woke-up in the foulest of moods for her birthday celebration day. As you can see by the one above pic. We celebrated on friday because her actual day was going to be filled with soccer stuff. We went and saw the Narnia movie and ate at Red Robin. She got lots of great gifts unless you asked her. Can we say spoiled. To end the day in grand style she was so shameful she lost all 8 of her Webkinz. We told her she was going to have to work to earn them back. We has now earned back 5. Happy Birthday Syd. Maybe next year will be better.


Laura F. said...

How sad! I'm sorry she had a bad day for her birthday. What was stacked?

Bobbi said...

One of the appetizer is a stack of onion rings. We've always wanted to get it. We don't go out and eat anymore because it's such a waste of money. A Birthday is a big deal though. The onion ring stack was great.

Melonie said...

Happy Birthday SYD!!! Glad you got to go out and celebrate. Miss you all!