Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Old School

Hello to everyone. My one and only memory card I guess bit the dust. I'm going back to my old school camera for a few weeks. We have one of those digital picture frames and I guess it did something to the memory card. I took the card out of the frame to take some pics of a frog cake I made for Sydney to take to school for an early b-day party (she has a summer b-day). It just card read error. I had all our Disney pics on it. Thankfully I had downloaded them to the computer. Since I'm going old school I won't have any pics to post.

Only 11 days of school left. I'm doing the happy dance. Today was my last payment to the school woohoo. Now that the gas has gone up it's costing me about $100 a week to get them to school and it makes me sick. Madison is working very hard on her Sea Turtle report. It will be her entire Science grade. Are we in 2nd grade or college????? Sydney is just doing the normal Kindergarten thing. One of the big things in Kindergarten is to be able to write 1-100. She already has it down perfectly. The end of this week is the final test to see who can and can't do it. I've already heard all about who can't. She has also decided to grow out her bangs. We've had big battles over this. All I've heard is, "But Mom Abby and I are the only ones with bangs and I don't want to look like Abby anymore." Thomas and I are just doing the work thing.
The post just didn't look right without a picture. This was our last picture taken at Disney. We are so happy for all of our friends who are headed to Disney this year. We wish we were.

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Melonie said...

Oh my goodness I always forget that you guys get done with school much earlier. YAY! They must be so excited.
Gas is insane isn't it?
Hope you guys are having a great week and Happy Mother's Day a bit early!