Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tears or Cheers

Grandma here is the Bell Tower at the school. The Grandparent money fund at work.
Sydney the BIG Kindergarten girl.
The car ride on the way to school.
My beautiful school girls. I just can't belive it.
Madison the 2nd grader. She is so grown up.
Today was the first day of school. They have a thing for kindergarten mom's called tears or cheers. I don't go because I'm usually crying too hard and I've got to get back and baby sit. K thru 2nd are in the same hall and Madi keeps telling us that the 2nd grade class is the head of the hall. She is very excited. She will begin learning Latin this year. She tells me soon she can talk about me and I won't know what she is saying. Oh Joy!!!! Sydney told Tom and I it was time for us to go home and leave her alone.


Laura said...

Oh My WORD! They are SOOOOO cute. I am going to have to print some of those pictures and frame them! Yay Madi and Sydney! Big girls going to school!

Melonie said...

Oh Bobbi! How cute!
Why did I think you started on the 13th?
I know how you are feeling today.
Big hugs to everyone!
It is going to be strange for us huh? Having other people's kids at home without our own babies there.

Mummy said...

OH you must be so excited. I know that it moslty bittersweet though. I can't believe school as already started for them. Even the private schools here don't start til next week. Well good luck and I hope everything goes well for the girls in school. And for you at home.