Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Princess Takes To The Water

The girls were a little under the weather for July 4th. The day before we took them to the Dr. and she said they had a viral thing. She gave us the go ahead to go out on the boat. I asked her if I would be a bad mom if I took them out and she said No. We were on the boat for 7 fun hours. Princess Madison finally went on the tube and had a great time. Crazy girl Syd was on the tube once again yelling faster, faster. The big finale to our night was our neighbor behind us shooting fireworks onto our roof. We are under a severe drought. Tom asked them to please stop. With that they shot another one up there. That is when I called 911. Then the police came and dealt with it. Happy Fourth of July grrrr. We didn't know those neighbors before and now we for sure don't want to know them. I don't need to be friends with someone trying to set my house on fire.

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Melonie said...

That is for sure! I guess you won't be borrowing a cup of sugar from each other any time soon. I totally agree about what you said the other day. You know that WE are supposed to be neighbors and I promise I will not shoot fireworks onto your roof when we move to NC someday.
I always love the pics you post from the lake and these are no exception. It looks like Madi had a blast! Glad they are feeling better too! Miss you!